Hook is an online music search and licensing application that behaves and feels much like a desktop application – it is fast, reliable and responsive. Hook is available as a ready out-of-the-box solution for any company that works with music on an ongoing basis. Monthly rates are affordable, and they are only a fraction of the potential income boost that this service typically generates.

A notable feature of the application, and hence it’s name, is the ‘hook player’. Users have the option to browse only the catchiest part of each song; the 30-second part of each song that best represents it. Browsing the hooks greatly enhances the overall experience of music searching. It allows users to quickly audition and appraise songs without the need to hear them in their entirety.

sharing iconShare

For those who work with music content on a daily basis, our application obviates the need for cumbersome file transfer protocols such as ftp and email for delivering a music-pitch.

Playlists can be sent out in a player-only version of the app. The player version does away with the search functionality and is fully usable on mobile platforms such as iphone and ipad: an effective way of delivering and/or promoting music. You can even make a strong brand statement with your own wallpaper and logo. You can password protect your playlists if you want additional security. Recipients of the Hook Player can audition the songs and hooks, download the songs or the entire list.

upload iconUpload

Need to upload songs into Hook? No problem! A simple to use, yet highly sophisticated file upload system, performs numerous background tasks while it uploads the files. Here are some of the things this seemingly simple app does:

  • Imports ID3 tags and assigns new ones with custom information
  • Assigns multiple ‘batch’ tags upon uploading in order to reduce tagging time for each song
  • Optionally assigns tags from the ID3 comments tag accessible from itunes
  • Optionally creates 30s 'hooks' or previews for each song
  • Optionally retitles each track with a random phrase to hide the original title from your users
  • Re-samples mp3’s to our web-streaming standard 160 kbps
  • Re-uploads songs in-queue in case of network interruption

tagging iconTag

Our song-tagging editor contains features that provide instant visual feedback during the tagging process as well as extremely powerful tagging macros. Tagging a complete song and setting the hook, with our mp3 hook editor, can take less than 2 minutes. This is a very important consideration given the many tag layers that are necessary for a comprehensive search and the sheer volume of song libraries.

With research from the Mc.Gill University and University of South Wales we developed a mood-classification system that can accurately identify moods based on a two dimensional valance/arousal system. We are constantly working to perfect this process and plan to collect further research on it’s accuracy and use.

    Key Features:
  • user-configurable tagging macros
  • fully customizable tag set
  • mp3 hook editor
  • mood mapping
  • batch tagging

versions iconVersions

Have more than one version of a track? Our versions feature allows you to keep track of instrumentals, alternate mixes, demos or whatever kinds of versions you may have in your library. By assigning colour codes and labels you can see your versions at a glance. When searching you can access versions interactively making it easier to find related tracks.

control panel iconControl Panel

    Key Features:
  • powerful administrative menus
  • advance search filter
  • comprehensive user management
  • batch tool

By way of a number of simple to use, yet full-feature editors everything that is available to the end user (the search tags, the hooks, the color scheme) can be easily modified by you. The ‘back end’ offers advanced searching options, a powerful batch tool, a usage tracker and a database containing information particular to each song and artist, such as writers, publishers and their respective shares.

Additionally, Hook offers a full-featured user-management system, letting administrators define the level of access for each particular user type. Six levels of users range from ‘system administrators’ to ‘demo’ or ‘guest’. Each user-level is customized with unique viewing options and access levels, ensuring a secure and stable environment.

    Key Features:
  • filtered results
  • user, time and track info
  • detailed usage (when, who, what)
  • integration with Google Analytics

analytics iconAnalyze

With Hook you are never left pondering the question ‘who’ or ‘how’ your music is used. We provide a utility that tracks site activity. You are always a click away from important information such as when a user downloaded, played, or ‘hooked’ a particular song. Additionally, you can create your own customized report including date, song name, artist and/or user, so that you can provide your organization with relevant feedback.