Hook Interactive Inc. (HII) develops and licenses business-to-business applications geared to streamlined media-content delivery. Our flagship music product is Hook - an online music-search, licensing and marketing application.

In 2007, Hook Interactive Inc. set out to develop an online application that would simplify music pitching and searching for our then music-licensing company: Hook Music. We called this application 'Hook'.

Within a short year Hook surpassed our expectations and grew to over 400 users ranging from agency creatives to international editing houses. Hook Music secured music placements for a host of clients ranging from Pepsico to GM.

Realizing the potential usefulness of such application to the licensing industry at large, HII pursued further development of non-proprietary versions of Hook. We have committed resources for sustainable, long-term growth, and a client-driven approach to expanding the Hook platform.

Currently, HII offers a brandable, full-featured platform for audio content management and distribution to a growing list of music-production companies, publishers, record labels and music-representation/licensing companies.